16 Years of Experience!

Quality Craftsmanship
Innovational Service

By experience of years and with our expert team, we produce creative designs for every season.

16 Years of Experience!

Accessible Quality

We combine modern manufacturing techniques with innovative fabric technologies in the classical lines of fashion.
Thanks to our experienced team and fine production materials, we are moving forward with the idea to always produce the best.

Unique Designs

With our expert design team, we create unique designs.

Quality Service

Thanks to the experience we gained over years, we provide quality service.

Exclusive to Your Brand

We produce trendy products that will reflect the quality of your brand.



Quality Service

From the first day we started, we trust our increasing quality.

Environmental Awareness

At every step of our manufacturing process, we prioritize environment consciousness.

Saving on Time

By our highly developed equipments, we produce fast without making compromises in quality.

Unique Designs

We are replenishing our collections with our radiant new designs every year.

We Keep Up with the Trends

As Tığ Triko, we always follow the new trends and analyze them for the next designs.

Our Friendly Staff

With our caring and friendly staff, we keep the customer satisfaction on high levels.

Sales Points

To see the products in our collections, you can visit our sales points.


Have you seen our New Year Collections?

Have you seen our New Year Collections?

Let your New Year be happy with our unique Knitwear designs for 2020. We look forward to welcomin

Good news for our vendors

Good news for our vendors

As Tığ Triko, we care about our vendors as much as we care about our products. With vendor mana

Our New Website is Online

Our New Website is Online

For providing a better service to our dear customers, here is our new website.


Tığ Triko, since it was founded in 2003, shortly became a highly preferred, distinguished knitwear brand in woman overgarments due to its focus on customer satisfaction and quality production principles.