Tığ Triko Production

Quality Materials
Clean Craftsmanship

Tığ Triko is consisted of all the units from knitting to packaging. As our company has the goal to progress every day, it does not view growth just as increasing the number of machineries. Instead, our firm put its executive staff, planning and production teams and purchase and supply divisions together carefully, strengthened its export and financial crew; and completed its marketing team with qualified and experienced customer representatives.
To become the leader in knitwear sector, it established Human Resources, IT, Research and Development, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Business Development and Project Management divisions, after meticulous planning and enhanced its structural growth. Tığ Triko classifies its production track as Men, Women and Kids wear; and has the design and production infrastructure for all these manufacturing sections.
In the awareness of all sections have their own particular delicacies; we produce desirable and different products with a diverse selection of threads. Production types include Tunic, Sweater, Cardigan, Dress, Sweater, Vest, Blouse, Skirt, Pants, Poncho, all kinds of yarns can be used..

Unique Design

Unique designs with our expert design team

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We are to only brand that you can blindly trust in knitwear.

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Only credible address before and after shopping.


Tığ Triko, since it was founded in 2003, shortly became a highly preferred, distinguished knitwear brand in woman overgarments due to its focus on customer satisfaction and quality production principles.